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Pen name: Max Altmast
Position: Artist
Bio: HI there! It's me. Max! Well in this bio I guess I am going to explain more about myself. Well. Hmm... My favorite color is orange.
Everything I own is orange. Well most of the stuff and I have the most fun playing roleplaying games. I am a Gaiawhore. XD Add me! Max Altmast Heh. Ok then Enjoy. I am covinced that I am a man in a womans body. Although, I love men. Whoo! >.< I have a livejournal which I will put a link here if possible.
Other: Hates bullies.

Name: Sabrina
Age: 14
Position: Writer
Bio: I am Max's cousin. I am huge yaoi fan-girl. I love to write. Alot. I love Max's ideas but they are too explicit for him to draw. I don't really know what else to say. Oh on Gaia my name is Lillian Jelleny.

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